Some Productions

Below are some examples of the productions I’ve either produced, directed, or both.    Take a look so you can get a feel for the type of stuff I’ve made.  Not got time to watch all these clips? Click here for my showreel, or here to download my CV.

Secret Eaters

C4 | (TX: Apr 2014)

The groundbreaking series about the psychology and science of eating scrutinises the eating habits of overweight families by putting them under 24 hour camera surveillance to show them the difference in what they say they eat and what they actually eat.
The Secret Eaters surveillance cameras are also on duty at various locations across the UK from a truckers café to a busy London office to see just what people eat when they think no one is watching. And leading neuropsychologists and nutritionists explore how small changes in our behaviour can have big affects on our waistlines.

As series producer I managed a large team and oversaw multiple edits whilst also generating and shaping new ideas for this returning series.  This included casting new on screen experts for the science strand and broadening the size and scale of the hidden camera stunts.

Compare Your Life

C4 | (TX: Jul 2013)

Over four million Brits have abandoned the rat race to be their own bosses, but most of us are too overwhelmed by the staggering number of possible new opportunities to make such a big change. By using the same principles found in comparison websites, Carlton Hood, former CEO of, helps separate the emotion from the important factors and guide families towards a future that will work for them. Carlton reveals how much families are worth, gets them to decide what their priorities really are, and helps them to make potentially life changing decisions.

As series producer I was responsible for taking a brand new format and lifting it from paper to screen.   I worked closely with new on screen talent Carlton Hood, oversaw all casting decisions  and managed multiple edits through post and delivery.

Snog Marry Avoid

BBC THREE | (TX: May 2012)

BBC Three’s popular make under show returned for a new series and the format was given a bit of a makeover itself.  With new presenter, funny girl, Ellie Taylor and an upgraded POD (personal overhaul device) hitting the road to meet the great fakes of Britain.

As series director I was responsible for setting the shooting style across the series, writing scripts and overseeing casting for the roadshow strands.

Young Farmer of The Year

BBC THREE | (TX: Feb 2012)

Each year BBC THREE sets out to find the cream of the crop from a collection of trades in the elimination series ‘Young Talent of the Year’.    Hundreds apply but only one can be crowned the winner, and ‘Young Farmer of the Year’ was no exception.

As producer and director I was responsible for overseeing the casting from the shortlisted 100 right down to the final 4.  I directed contestant backstories and judges profiles and produced the judges and presenter George Lamb from the studio floor.   Afterwards I headed off to the edit and pieced it all together.


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