About Me

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As a child I always wanted to entertain.  Whether it was putting on school plays writing short stories or telling a tall tale to get myself out of a minor scrape, creativity was in my nature, which is probably just as well because I was hopeless at woodwork!

After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a 2.1. In Creative Arts, specialising in directing for theatre and writing for television, I set about realising my ambition


Starting Out

I’ve now been working in broadcasting for over 10 years.

Starting out as a researcher for ITV1 on You’ve Been Framed, I then moved to the entertainment and features department of BBC Manchester; it was here that I cut my teeth on studio   shows such as The National Lottery, various live outside broadcasts from the BBC’s popular drama series EastEnders and the survival challenge series Bare Necessities for BBC2 which saw me setting up shoots abroad and filming on location in Romania,  Spain, The Azores and The Caribbean. (nice work if you can get it!)

I remained with entertainment and features for 3 years and took on the role of Assistant Producer on various music programmes, such as the prestigious Top Of The Pops Awards, and a series of televised Radio1 outside broadcasts ‘One Big Sunday’ featuring exclusive backstage access, interviews and acoustic performances.


Moving Up

After being given the opportunity to work on some fantastic productions and meeting some great people in the Entertainment & Features department I then moved to BBC’s News and Current affairs and the returning series ‘Liquid Assets’.

These one hour biographical documentaries charted the success and business acumen of  Hollywood’s A-listers such as Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, Drew Barrymore and Sean Connery.  During my time on this series I was presented with the opportunity to direct key sequences of the documentaries in Australia and L.A.

Finally leaving the BBC to become a freelance producer and director I now have extensive and varied experience in directing both single and multi camera Digi and HD shoots here in the UK and abroad.


Taking Off

As a producer and director I have delivered primetime shows to  BBC1, BBC2, BBC THREE, Channel 4, E4, and Channel 5.

I have a proven track record in working to tight schedules and even tighter budgets.

I have written numerous scripts and produced and directed both new and established talent.  I have played a key role in the development of existing formats and also helped to shape new programmes from paper to the screen.

I have successfully overseen teams of runners, researchers and assistant producers and proven myself to be a creative and thoughtful leader who makes a major contribution wherever I work…. I’m still no good at woodwork though!

My Life Outside TV